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Call for Submissions - The Feminist Action Project

"Those of us who dare, toil not to force our way upon others, but simply to make space in which all are honored: capitalism and communalism, the patriarch and the matriarch, the exiled settler and the indigenous nomad, and so on. It is this imperative for true pluralism that runs through and connects, however tenuously, all of our different activisms, all of our different feminisms. It is this place where we all may rest that snakes through our dreams. We can barely imagine now what this world fueled by a real right to self-determination will look like, and yet we know it must be born. As we belong to it, this planet must belong to all of us"

Call for Submissions
Papers, Panels, and Workshops

The Feminist Action Project 2010 Conference
Examining Intersections, Building Alliances

April 16th - 18th, 2010
The Texas Union
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas

Thank you for your interest in participating in the first ever Feminist Action Project conference. What follows is the information needed to present a paper, create a panel, or put on a workshop. Students, faculty, university staff, and community members are all welcome to submit applications to the Feminist Action Project 2010 Conference programming committee. Submissions will be accepted from The University of Texas at Austin as well as from other Universities.

The theme for the 2010 conference is "Examining Intersections, Building Alliances." All submissions should illustrate this theme and should make a clear connection between Feminism and activism.

The vision of this conference is to create a space in which this generation of Feminists can meet, network, and workshop our ideas for Feminist activism. The Feminist Action Project will be a three-day conference beginning Friday, April 16, 2010. There will be lectures and panels about different kinds of activism, workshops to help attendees plan sustainable activist projects, networking sessions, and an opportunity to interact with community members outside the University.

We are passionate about Feminism at the Feminist Action Project and we believe that this conference will make a lasting impact on those who participate. Together we can create a legacy for the next generation of Feminists.

In this three-day period, we hope to:

  1. Provide attendees with the tools, skills, and networks to start, plan, and complete their own activist projects and otherwise empower individuals to return to their communities and affect positive change.
  2. Put attendees in contact with other activists all over the state of Texas and the United States.
  3. Connect this generation of activists with those who have come before.
  4. Allow for individuals to create and use their own brand of Feminism, Womanism, etc.
  5. Explore intersectionalities and ways to affirm them.
  6. Demonstrate that activism is not only standing in front of the capital with a picket sign, it takes many forms.
  7. Examine issues that are traditionally connected to Feminism: reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work - as well as other issues that continue to affect the daily lives of women in Texas like immigration reform, health care, prison reform, environmentalism, AIDS research, and initiatives for the indigent.
  8. Explore activist self-care and the spirituality of activism.
  9. Make connections between academic and activist Feminisms.

Submission Guidelines
Feminist Action Project, 2010

Each Submission MUST include: 

  1. Application Form (included at the end)
  2. Title of paper, workshop, or panel
  3. Author information (in case of multiple authors, please include the information of each) - Name(s); Titles or Positions Held; University, Organization, and/or Group Affiliations (if applicable); Contact information including email address and telephone number; Brief author bio; Optional: Authors preferred pronouns (i.e. ze/hir, she/her, he/him).
  4. Abstract: Your abstract should be limited to 250-500 words and should provide a concise overview of the content of your paper, workshop, or panel. You should highlight how this submission pertains to Feminist activism.
  5. Program blurb: a brief description of your paper, panel, or workshop that will be used in our conference literature. You should try to frame your panel in a manner that would encourage conference participants to attend.
  6. Faculty advisor information (if applicable) - Name; Titles or Positions Held; University Affiliation; Contact information including email address and telephone number
  7. Description of A/V and space requirements
  8. Description of disability accommodation requests (e.g. do you need a sign language interpreter?)
  9. Non-refundable $10 application fee (Please see the section titled "About Application Fees" for more information.

The Following Sections are Optional
  1. Additional Resources
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. References (please include any pertinent citations from your abstract)
  4. Additional Comments (include any additional information you think the programming committee may need to know)

About Application Fees:
If you choose to email your submission to the Feminist Action Project, your application fee must arrive by U.S. mail before the application deadline. Checks should be made payable to "Feminist Action Project." Your submission(s) will not be reviewed until your fee has arrived. The fee is non-refundable, but can be applied towards your registration. Applicants are allowed to submit more than once, but there is a fee for EACH submission. You will receive notification of the receipt of your fee(s).

Formatting:  Please keep in mind that formatting guidelines are intended to aid those reviewing submissions.
  1. Submissions are limited to five (5) single column pages. The application form should be on a separate page, but is not included in the five (5) page limit.
  2. Submissions should be 12 pt. Times New Roman or Calibri font.
  3. The title of your submission(s) should be center-justified, bold, 14 pt. font.
  4. Section titles should be bold, 12 pt. font. All titles and sections should be in Times New Roman or Calibri font.
  5. The submission(s) should be single-spaced, but the abstract should be double-spaced.
  6. You may fill out the author information in table format.
  7. Emailed submissions should be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
  8. Emailed submissions should have "Attn: Programming Committee" in the subject line.
  9. We do not need a copy of your entire paper (just the abstract), but we may request a copy before the final review process is complete.
  10. Application forms may be hand-written, but MUST be legible.
If you are unable to meet any of these requirements, please feel free to contact us. General questions can be emailed to the programming committee at feministactionproject [at] gmail [dot] com. Please make sure to include "Attn: Programming Committee in the subject line to ensure your inquiries are answered in a timely manner.

Application Deadline: March 1st, 2010

Email submissions to

Or Send by U.S. mail to
Feminist Action Project
1 University Station A6220
SOC #529
Austin, Texas 78712

Thank you, and good luck!

The 2010 Feminist Action Project Programming Committee 
April Looney B.A. Women's and Gender Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
Jessamine Beal, B.A. Women's and Gender Studies and Government
Ileana Gomez, Senior, Women's and Gender Studies and English
Kalee Gower, Senior, Women's and Gender Studies
Meredith Stoner, Senior, Women's and Gender Studies

The Feminist Action Project is sponsored by the Feminist Action Project student organization, the Gender and Sexuality Center (a part of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement), and the Women's Resource Agency (an agency of Student Government)

Application Form

Title of Submission


Mailing Address

Email Address

Classification (if applicable)

University / College Affiliation (if applicable)

Department  Affiliation (if applicable)

Dietary Restrictions

Other Specific Needs