Monday, September 17, 2012


Feminist Action Project will meet this Wednesday at 7:30 in the Gender and Sexuality Center: Serving Women and LGBTQA Communities (SAC 2.112).  Join us as we discuss and plan for various events this year. Possible events to be discussed:

§  Feminism is for Every(body)(focus on feminism affecting everyone for different reasons and highlight the  men/males who are also part of the movement)

§  Gender equality/Gender Justice

§  Interracism

§  Ableism

§  Specific Events highlighting feminism  in different cultures

§  Media representation / Body Image- Miss Representation film

§  Chalkboard Project (On chalkboards with FAP logo, write why feminism is important and post pictures on Facebook

§  “What does a feminist look like?” Open frame where people can take pictures

§  History and current events concerning women’s issues and voting.

§   Debate Watch Party/Teach-In

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to stop by the GSC and see Liz, Noreen, or Joyce or contact us at