Friday, May 2, 2014

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Feminist Action Project Conference 2014

Feminist Action Project Conference 2014

Blog by Maggie Johnson

Though many members of Feminist Action Project have felt like #lonelyfeminists at some point, we got to experience the amazing strength of feminists coming together to learn from and support one another this past weekend.
Orange Jackets showing why they need feminism

The Feminist Action Project Conference proved to be an amazing two days in which feminists from The University of Texas at Austin and beyond connected with their community. Kim Katrin Crosby set the tone with her keynote on Friday emphasizing the importance of enriching existing communities and taking care of one another. She addressed intersectionality, embracing individuals' exciting complexity.

Our keynote Kim Crosby with conference participant
We all had so much to learn from one another and immersed ourselves in that process the second day of the conference. Kim gave an inspiring workshop about her work and mentors. We then broke out into smaller sessions to see presentations and discuss topics such as sexism, imperialism, fatness, sexual violence, and trans identities. These sessions allowed for discussions of the complex aspects of intersecting identities by providing a safe space to share knowledge and experience.              

Conference participants mingling after a session
The panel discussing feminism across generations offered a glimpse into varying experiences and beliefs of feminists. It was so interesting to hear each woman's story of finding feminism and the importance of other women on that path. As one panelist stated, her mother hoped that one day women would be able to admittedly enjoy the company of other women. One of our favorite quotes from participant evaluations is “I learned that feminism is still sexy, dynamic, and exciting."   
Feminist Action Project members at the check-in table

This hope was realized, as feminists gladly supported and appreciated one another throughout the conference by giving each other everything from hugs to space. The Feminist Action Project looks forward to putting together many more events in the future so no one has to feel like a #lonelyfeminist!


The cast of “Fat: The Play” after their conference session


Student response to the conference that made us cry.                

Thinking Ahead:
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