Monday, March 7, 2011

Feminist Coming Out Day

What does a feminist look like? Come join the discussion at the Feminist Action Project table at the International Women's Day collective event:

Place: West Mall, UT-Austin campus
Date: Tuesday, March 8
Time: 11am-2pm

Pose with our picture frame for inclusion in the online archive of feminists on campuses across the U.S., or submit your own statement or image on their website with UT-Austin in the text. Get all the details and the submission form at The more different faces and voices we can get to represent UT and Feminist Action Project, the better! Go to the site and read through the feminist coming out and 'click' moments of students across the country.
Template for Facebook profile pictures:
"This is what a feminist looks like" down the
right side, "March 08 2011/" across
the bottom in red and black text.

At Tuesday's event, also check out our statue project- which feminists would you like to see as statues at UT? Who is recognized on campus and who is left out? We'll have posters of Gloria Anzaldua, Betty Dodson, and Dolores Huerta along with information on these powerful women. What would campus look like if one of them had a statue instead of Jefferson Davis (for example)? Come on over and join the conversation.