Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank you: Center for Mexican American Studies

We are very pleased to announce the generous support of the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. They are invested in supporting feminist and social justice inquiry, and we are very excited to work with them as the conference draws near.
The following is part of their mission statement, which describes the importance of their work:
Center for Mexican
American Studies logo:
CMAS in yellow text
in a maroon circle
The mission of CMAS is to serve Texas and the nation as a leader in the intellectual development of Mexican American Studies. The establishment of CMAS represents an institutional recognition of the importance of the Mexican American people in the history, culture, and society of the United States.
Faculty and students affiliated with CMAS have worked to enhance our understanding of the Mexican and Mexican American experience, as well as the broader Latino experience, and to strengthen the presence of Mexican Americans and other Latinos in the intellectual terrain, both within and beyond US borders.
Please check out their website to find out more about their academic programs, publications, and extensive public programming calendar. Especially with budgeting so tight across cultural and identity studies departments this year, we appreciate the support of related programs and departments like CMAS. Don't forget to see all of our sponsors on the Sponsors and special thanks page!